Facts and Figures


  • In 2011, about 15 million people were unemployed across Middle East North Africa (MENA), and many more underemployed – that number is now estimated to have risen to 17 million in 2013
  • In MENA, each year 4-5 million jobs must be created to avoid increased unemployment
  • The Arab world population is estimated to grow from 355 million in 2011 to 500 million by 2025
  • Government investment in infrastructure (outside the GCC) is less than 5% of GDP – China’s is 15% of GDP
  • While in 2011 oil exporting countries’ GDP grew by 4.9%, energy importing countries’ GDP growth declined to 1.5%

(*Sources: IMF World Economic Outlook 2012, ILO Global Unemployment Trends in 2012)

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“The job ahead is not simply to rebound. We must spur new growth. Our region’s single greatest economic crisis – youth unemployment – pleads for action, double action: immediate relief, to meet urgent needs; and inclusive, high-growth strategies that can produce millions-more jobs we must have, soon.”

“His Majesty King Abudllah II”
World Economic Forum, May 2013, Dead Sea, Jordan.