The objective of the ASP is to urgently create jobs, through private and public flows, making growth more inclusive whilst minimizing the risks of instability and radicalization.

The ASP is an Arab-led initiative and would act to unite the common interests of Arab countries towards large-scale investment in job creation and growth. It is an essential policy response to the serious job crisis in the region that will complement longer-term regulatory and economic reform initiatives. The ASP targets two primary stabilization objectives: (i) private sector led growth and (ii) rapid job creation.

The goal is to create up to 11 million jobs over the next five years.

About Us

“The big challenge this year is to manage the expectation of an increasingly impatient population to undertake the measures that will stabilize the economy and would begin to lay the foundations of an economic transformation that would generate more job creating and inclusive growth.”

“Masood Ahmed”
Director, Middle East and North Africa, IMF. May 2013.